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500 word contextual essay: The process of making the DA

The DA started off as a way to explore things which made Skyrim such a great game. It’s unique in that most popular games are popular because of the multiplayer, such as Halo, Battlefield, or Fortnight, but Skyrim is purely single player, and though single player games are popular, they have a limited content and get repetitive. So I wanted to look at the things that made people continue to play Skyrim without much extra stuff. 

It also occured to me that when thinking about the different styles of game, chance, competitive, mimicry, and I always forget what the adrenaline one is, is that it misses out on the fact that people sometimes play games just to be with people in non competitive ways. I’m not saying that group chats are a game, but there are clapping and skipping games that seem like they’re a catalyst friendship, there so that people can be social rather than a game to be played for the fun of the game.
Originally I was going to look at open world, RPG, its combat System, and have room for another. I had a look at RPG for my Beta, which worked out well, though to make it more relavent to the subject, should have looked at the history of RPGs, more than just comparing it to oblivion, and talked about how roleplaying causes people to pretend to have certain emotions, though the timer was too short for that. If I have time to start from scratch in the holidays, I’ll aim for a longer video, using footage from my Switch’s Skyrim. But for what I wanted, I managed to get.
A lot of the findings came from realisations. I learnt from BCM 300 about the four categories of games, and while playing Apex Legends realised that Mimicry is potentially the most important one. The only time I can think of mimicry not being in a fun game is when it’s a social game or gambling, even so some people gamble to imagine themselves as rich. 

Some of the comments focused too much on what I did well to be useful. But some were about how my DA needs more feedback before submission and backstory on to what Skyrim is. Someone else sent me two great articles, but one had things that I couldn’t add in four minutes and the other I would save for an open worlds video instead of an RPG, so it could come in handy in the future. For now, I’ve added a lot more backstory into the Elderscrolls games, possibly too much. 

Some of the things I looked up for the DA was what makes games engaging, what I found is again is more helpful in the future than specifically RPGs, though for RPGs I got to read up on creativity and representative story, which I had in my beta but it got pushed out here for other additions. 

And so, for my final DA I’ll submit it as a wordpress, rather than an audio. This is because there’s no advantage of making it audio, the quality may be worse, it may take longer to listen to then to read and it’s harder to go back on audio. 

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